About Sidecar

Designed as a resource center for all things creative, Sidecar is a think-tank that blends strategy with ideas in today’s media and applications—from name and brand development to large-scale, experiential, interactive events, packaging, animation and multimedia projects.

Sidecar specializes in branding, campaign strategy, creative direction, print design, product design, mascot development, merchandise, stationery, specialty advertising, packaging, online integration, web design and development, mobile applications, new media and more.

Sidecar’s creative studio is parked right where you’d expect it to be—just to the side of its parent company, FMS. Developing a new approach that crosses FMS’ reputation and expertise with its creativity, Sidecar holds a well-respected place as the agency of record for numerous FMS clients’ side projects. How fitting.


  • Brand solutions
  • Consultancy
  • Creative Direction
  • Environmental Merchandising
  • Packaging
  • Interactive marketing
  • Video production
  • Illustration
  • Specialty

Contact Us

For more information or to brainstorm an idea with us, please contact tim@fuelyourbrand.com or call 615.476.7731 .