Laurie Campbell Pannell, Founder/Partner

Laurie Pannell is the co-founder and one half of the dynamic duo that drives Sidecar. With a background in fine arts, branding, storytelling and strategy, creative direction, journalism and even illustration, Laurie and her partner Pannell have created a unique boutique agency that runs on ambition and enthusiasm. Their main goal is to create compelling brands and marketing for all facets of the modern lifestyle. Laurie’s specialty is creating ideas and relentlessly thinking of new and fresh ways to inspire target audiences. She keeps one foot in the realm of pop culture at all times to breathe new life into traditional industries.

Tim Pannell, Founder/Partner

Tim Pannell (aka “Pannell”) is co-founder and the other half of Sidecar. Pannell comes from a background of communication and marketing and has a wealth of experience in the fields of advertising, branding and financial marketing. His passion and dedication to perfection greatly aid the duo in every endeavor, consistently approaching each project with a practicality that allows for the creativity to serve the strategy. “Ambassador” of Sidecar could also be a most suitable title for Pannell, whose everyday role is to represent the company to his immense FMS client base, as well as the hundreds of fans he deals with on a weekly basis. Pannell not only covers the gamut of business development but is often asked to consult on many of the countless projects he brings into Sidecar. Pannell is attributed to being the architect of anything Laurie can dream up; he is the one who can make it happen. The duo’s goal is to engineer great brands that translate into profits and growth for our clients.

Sean Hockenbery, Chief Operations Officer

Sean Hockenbery handles Sidecar’s logistical  needs: contract negotiation, the “B” word (budget) and the management of production. As COO of Sidecar, Sean works in all fields of commercial work, licensing, trademarking, brand development, client relations and special projects. Sean’s “strictly business” approach has proven to be a triumphant balance on all fronts. His commitment to build the brand of Sidecar is deeply driven by his respect and belief in serving our clients at FMS in an alternative way.

Amber Farley, Chief Interactive Officer

Amber Farley’s expertise lies in the realm of all things digital. If it has a screen, she knows how it works, how it thinks, how it speaks and how it will evolve. Our social butterfly and Gen Y insider, Amber brings everything that is new and bold to Sidecar strategy, ensuring our clients remain relevant, cutting-edge and technologically savvy.

Debra Campbell, Chief Artistic Director

With several years of experience in art, advertising and embroidery, Debra Campbell ensures the seamless day-to-day logistics of managing the talent and operational needs within the agency, creative projects, and specialty advertising within the realm of Sidecar—from apparel design to event planning. With a Bachelor’s degree in art and past experience at portfolio colleges and art galleries in Atlanta, her contacts and experience give her a metropolitan edge that keeps Sidecar cool.

Pencil Pen, Designer/Writer

Pencil Pen is Sidecar’s virtual creative department. Pencil Pen brings fresh energy and creativity to the agency, drawing on a complex network of freelance designers and writers, producers and musicians, artisans and event planners—every expert that is needed to make Sidecar run smoothly. This virtual team of creative people results in a one-of-a-kind, out-of-the-box thought process. Pencil Pen partners have excelled in the field of design, Web, production, TV, radio, video, media, writing and even embroidery, painting, composing and sculpting. No matter the need, Pencil Pen can do it well.